Welcome to England

45 pupils of our school and their 4 teachers had a nice stay in England from September 22nd till 28th. After an early start, a fast trip through the Netherlands, Belgium and France by coach and a calm passage over the Channel, we arrived at our destination Hastings late in the afternoon. Soon a lot of host families met us at the bus stop and collected ‘their kids home’. Believe it or not nobody was forgotten. The following days were packed with activities. We visited Canterbury and Rye, nice old towns in the Southeast, had guided tours and always some free time to pursue our own interests ( usually shopping or getting fast food).

In Hastings we also had a nice guided tour with a visit to the dark and gruesome Smugglers’ Caves and a fine, short walk on the beautiful cliffs east of Hastings. 
But London was the highlight of our week’s stay. Tuesday and Thursday we spent in this exciting capital. We had a guided bus tour, a visit to the London Eye and the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. By airlift above the River Thames and by DLR we went to the Tower of London, where we saw the famous ravens, the Beefeaters and the Crown Jewels, which still were there after we had left. After that we took the tube (undergound) to Picaddilly Circus, from where we started to explore London in groups of four on our own (usually shops in Oxford Street and fast food restaurants). Surprisingly noboby got lost and nobody was really late at our meeting point Cleopatra’s Needle on the quay of the Thames. 
On our last day we said goodbye to our host families ( almost everybody had been really happy with them , and – by the way- they with us, too) and started our long way home, feeling a bit sad. 


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